Snapshot Pro results to Internal Server Error on certain (bigger) DB Tables

hey there,

I tried to get a DB backup with Snapshot on my website's DB. It works fine, but always exits on the same table with some statistic data so I create a job only for that table. Every time, regardless of the amount of memory or segment sizing, it stops at about 87 % of the ca. 300.000 entries. Annother table with some 200.000 entries more works fine but is 20MB smaller in size.
Data check on this table is fine, also optimizing, reparing etc.
A dump with phpMyAdmin results to a total 160MB SQL file without probs, except waiting...

furthermore there is no error with # 500 in php or server error log.

how can I fix this?

thanks for your feedback!

  • iRolf
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    hello Jude,

    I tried to with various results: the PHP Memory is said to be 256MB the excution time can't be modified from webdev-userland and won't be changed by the provider.

    for that, the result is the same as above.

    to get rid of this backup issue, I tested a very dozen backup/clone/migrate plugins, but most of them fail with this database/runtime/memory issue.

    only Simple Backup dumps the whole stuff within the blink of an eye. that's kind of disturbing.

    is there a mysqldump thingy in snapshot I didn't figure out yet?
    that would be great to get the possible restore comfort from your plugin.


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