[Snapshot Pro] Skip big files/folders in backups

1. Some websites have huge download archives or a folder full of mp3s (eg podcasts sites). It would save a lot of bandwidth, space and cpu power if we could filter the files/folders. Filtered files/folders should be skipped during backup resulting in smaller backups.

2. If Automate is active there are numerous backups which are “useless” because there will be several full site backups for one day. Nearly everyday is an update available making some backups redudant. It would be really nice if Managed Backups would recognize backups from Automate to save storage.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Thomas

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your questions.

    As for excluding big files. That is actually possible already. There are two ways to do it:

    – you want to exclude specific files/folders or are able to exclude files e.g. by extension or filename, you can add those exclusions on “Snapshot -> Settings” page in “Global File Exclusions” option

    – you can also exclude files by size, by setting a maximum file size, by adding this line to the “wp-config.php” file of your site (above the “/* That’s all, stop editing */” line):

    define('SNAPSHOT_FILESET_LARGE_FILE_SIZE', 104857600);

    The value in the line above equals to 100MB so you can adjust it (value in bytes).

    This will only add warnings to log file but if you then additionally add this line to the “functions.php” of your current theme:

    add_filter('snapshot-queue-fileset-reject_oversized', '__return_false');

    it will also automatically reject (skip) files larger than the size defined in that “define” line above.

    You can of course use both described ways at the same time, thus filtering unwanted big files from backups.

    As for automate and managed backups.

    Automate actually triggers the Managed Backup – a bit like you would run the backup manually (“once off” backup). Currently, only enable/disable option is available in the hub but we’re still improving Snapshot Pro plugin, Automate and entire The Hub so I believe there’s a plenty of room for additional features/changes in how it currently works. Therefore let’s leave this ticket open for other Members to vote for changes in how Automate backups work/are handled and we’ll carefully consider every voice in the discussion :slight_smile:

    Best regards,


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Thomas

    So I could filter like this? “/wp-content/uploads/*.mp3”

    Not quite, I’m afraid. I should have been more specific on this :slight_frown:

    The exclusion option doesn’t support “wildcards”, only “patterns” so this should work:


    though it would exclude all mp3 files, not only those inside /wp-content/uploads folder.

    Best regards,


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