[Snapshot Pro] Snapshot abandons backup

I had support yesterday, but had to go to a meeting before we could test the result togheter. Today im experiencing the same (old) problem with snapshot

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Henning

    I hope you're well today!

    I have read your yesterday's chat with Patrick and also checked your previous ticket about the issue. I noticed on the site that both test snapshots that Patrick run yesterday were completed successfully.

    However, when I tried to run test snapshots today, they failed each time, though with a different errors each time. There is a "pattern" there though and it's what seems to be server going down (either "entire" server or a db or a webserver softwared).

    This is a bit "tough" case as is often related to some server-side limits. If you look at the PHP, WP and Server information at "WPMU DEV -> Support -> System Info" pages in your site's back-end, they all look fine. However, there are usually also some other limits that are not visible there (and not possible to be changed via WP/Snapshot settings) such as I/O (Input/Output - basically an amount of file write/read operations), number of subsequent/concurrent webserver and db connections, number of subsequent/concurrent db queries and so on.

    I've noticed that Patrick already excluded the biggest files (such as other backup files) from Snapshots via Global Exclusions and that's great. Still though, the process is failing and it's doing this on different stages (during my attempts it stopped on different db tables each time, not even reaching out to the files) and this suggests that we should be looking into aforementioned limits. Furthermore, during one of my tests, I got the 500 Internal Server error that brought entire site down for a moment - which only seems to confirm that.

    That said, the "tough" part here is whether we are able to check these limits at least and then, the second part, if they can be changed. It might also be related, though less likely, to the database being just corrupted, thus causing some unexpected issues.

    It's something, unfortunately, that I can't check via FTP only.

    Is there any kind of a server management panel available (such as cPanel or similar) that I could access?
    What kind of a server is that - is it some VPS/Dedicated server or just a regular "hosting account" (so usually a "shared hosting")?
    Does you host (if it's not a VPS/dedicated server where you're "on your own") have some tech support that you could ask to check server logs? If yes, could you please:

    - try to run snapshot again
    - after it fails ask them to check server logs, especially check what kind/amount of load it caused on the server resources, around the time that backup was run? They should be able to give us some additional clue on this.

    Looking forward to you response,

    PS. It would be best if we could stick to this single forum thread for further investigation as starting new tickets or through a live chat might make my colleagues there run all the tests again and basically "start over" as they may not be aware that we are already dealing with it here. I hope that makes sense :wink:

    • Henning

      HI Adam
      I answered your email while waiting for a respons I realized you only read on here :0)

      My server is low support, I can write them and they normally come back within a few days. I wrote them asking if the exe time could be higher than 5 minutes, they said no, and asked if the backup can be done under 5 minutes? If not they asked if we could make the backup in smaller bites under 5 minutes each. How can we move forward with this issue?

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Henning,

    As Snapshot is a plugin it works via PHP so finishing in under 5 minutes is highly unlikely to happen.
    What might speed it up is adding this define in your wp-config.php file:
    This will attempt to perform system backup which is usually a lot faster, but many hosts won't allow this so again it depends on them.

    Try adding that in your wp-config and see if the backup will finish.

    Managed Backups can't be split into multiple pieces, it will backup your entire installation, only thing that you could do is exclude some of the folders by going to Snapshot > Settings and exclude folders you don't need in your backup.

    There's also regular Snapshot in the plugin, under Snapshot > Snapshots, and this will allow you to choose which parts of the site you want to backup, but this method doesn't backup your entire installation and can't be stored on our cloud servers like Managed Backups.

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Henning

    The "wp-config.php" file is a main "configuration file" for your WordPress site. It's in a "root folder of your install. Usually it's a /public_html folder on a server but that might be different at different hosts.

    You would need to use FTP or a "File Manager" tool in cPanel (your server's management panel) to be able to access and edit it. Here's a nice tutorial on how to edit this file:


    The line that my colleague suggested must be put into that file above the "/* That's all, stop editing */" line and once it's there, try running Managed Backup again and see if it speeds up and completes. As my colleague already explained, that "define" line would speed up the process significantly as long as it's allowed by the host and the only way to get to know about it is to actually give it a try.

    Kind regards,

  • Henning

    Thanx for the info

    Thanx fo the info. Unfortunately my online skills are not up there when it comes to locations the wp_config, let alone change it.
    Attached you can see
    1) a screenshot form the link you send me on how to edit wp.config file. In the screedumb there is a beautiful line called "wp-config easy" to spot
    2) a second screenshot of What i see when i use filezilla, i can not find any file called wp-config file

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Henning,

    It seems everything is there in your folder but your file column is too narrow to show the entire file name.
    Grab the filename column separator and increase the width to see full file names, you should have wp-config.php and wp-config-sample.php, the first one is what you want to edit.

    So first right click on it and select Download, this is so that you have a backup of the file ready in case that anything goes wrong.
    Now right click on it again and select View/Edit and add the code like this:

    Best regards,

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