[Snapshot Pro] Snapshot is way too slow, and for local BU's get's stuck

This is more of a “rant” I suppose, so polite apologies in advance. Here goes:

I’m disappointed with Snapshot. From a previous chat, I made all of your recommended PHP changes, including max_execution_time to 250, memory_limit at 128M, and upload_max_filesize to 128M, and still backing up to your managed (amazon) server took several hours for a 125mb site! Actually, I gave up at 48% for this one. Incredibly long backup times have been the case with every site I’ve backed up to the managed site so far, and none of these sites were over 250mb. In one case, I upgraded from PHP 5.6 to 7.2 to see if that would help, and I got an error. Tech support at Newtek (my host in Phoenix) looked at the log and noticed a security issue with Snapshot for 7.0, thus I had to stick with 5.6. A security issue of this sort is a bit un-nerving guys.

So I tried backing up a couple of sites to a local destination. Things looked good and fast until the progress bar hit 87% for one site and 77% for another site, and then they both got stuck for over an hour each, and finally I got 404’s. BTW, I tried these one at a time.

I have a lot of sites to manage, 81 accounts, and was planning to keep adding them into my Hub. I was hopeful for a more automated solution that WPMU seems to represent. However, I’m not so sure now; I may be wasting my time after all. Managing sites individually at least gets me what I need, albeit with more difficulty and more time. Backing up is a critical feature for your suite of products. I think you need to do some serious work on Snapshot. I’ll give this experiment with WPMU another month, and if Snapshot can’t be improved, at least to run with PHP 7+, and more efficiently, I’ll cancel my account, and WPMU won’t get a good review from me. Sorry for this. I’m actually a nice person, but I’m testing you right now. I want to stay, and if you can give me some genuine assurances that Snapshot can work as advertised, I’ll be happy to stay with WPMU. Please help.