[Snapshot Pro] Snapshot- No FTP

I tried to establish a backup via SFTP/Snapshot Pro.
Thats what I did:
Installed the plugin.
Activated SFTP and set up the connection
Tested the connection: o.k.
Disabled scheduled backups
Run a backup manually
And: the backupfile is not stored in the SFTP-location, it is stored on the (WPMU)CloudServer.
Can you check the configuration? Thank you!

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Thomas

    I hope you're well today!

    It seems that there's no support access granted to the site in question so I can't check it for you. However, based on what you wrote, I suspect this is what happened:

    you have created your FTP connection ("Snapshot -> Destinations") but then you've run a Managed Backup ("Snapshot -> Managed Backups").

    There are actually two backup tools in one in Snapshot plugin: Managed Backups ("Snapshot -> Managed Backups") and Snapshots ("Snapshot -> Snapshots"). The first one is always a full backup and while it can be run manually and/or scheduled, it's also always stored in our cloud. There's no option to store at any FTP server or any other location.

    The second one ("Snapshot -> Snapshots") is the one where you can actually select destination - for example your FTP location. You can also decide whether such backup should be scheduled or not and full or partial and so on.

    Managed Backups and Snapshots work independently so you can use both of them or just one. In fact, you can even e.g. run scheduled Managed Backup to our cloud and then configure multiple additional partial or full backups via Snapshot -> Snapshots that would be stored in different locations (FTP, Google Drive etc).

    I hope that help. However, if this is not the case I'd need to check the site and for this I would need to be able to access the site. In such case, please enable support access by going to the "WPMU DEV -> Support" page in your site's back-end and clicking on "Grant support access" button there, then let me know here.

    Best regards,

  • Thomas
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Adam,

    yes, I am fine. Thank you. I hope, you and your family/friends had a great start into the new year.

    And yes, it would be nice, if you can have a look. I granted access. What I need, is to run backups regurlarly, not only on my site, but on my clients sites (and scheduled??). And (due the super GDPR) the backupdata should stay within the EU. So I need the FTP-Option.

    Do I need another plugin out of the WPMUDEV-selection? Please let me know.

    Kind Regards from Germany

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Thomas

    Thank you for response and for you kind words! Happy New Year to you and your close ones!

    I checked the site and I can confirm that my initial post was right: you have used Managed Backup. What you'd want to do instead would be this:

    1. Go to "Snapshot -> Managed Backup" page in your site's back-end and in "Settings" section disable "Scheduled Backups" - that is if you don't want to store backups in WPMU DEV cloud.

    2. Instead, go to the "Snapshot -> Snapshots" page (that's the same plugin) and use "Create Snapshot" button there. You'll then be asked in which location (in this case you'd select your "Hi Drive" destination) the backup should be stored and additionally you'll be able to decide whether to include all files of the site or just some of them (and which ones) and if to include all db tables. If you want a full backup, you'd want to select "all" in both cases. Then there'll also be a setting for schedule.

    This will set backups that will run automatically for you but will not be pushed to our cloud storage but instead to the FTP location of your choice.

    You can set the backup the same way on any site on which you got Snapshot plugin installed.

    I hope that helps but if you need additional assistance with it, let me know and I'll be happy to help more.

    Best regards,

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Tom,

    Regular Snapshots will backup your media files, themes, plugins, and database, it will not however have a backup of WP default files or other files placed in your installation.

    Managed Backups, on the other hand, will backup your root WP folder, with all the files inside it, together with the database.

    Both Snapshots and Managed Backups work on single and multisite installations.

    As for storing your backups, we use AWS servers and backups will be stored to location closest where your site is hosted, so if your site is hosted in Europe, your backups will be in EU as well.

    Best regards,

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