[Snapshot Pro] Snapshot Pro zips should be splitted

Snapshot Pro can be a dream to incorporate, but at the moment it's also quite unreliable for me. I've set up Snapshot Pro in 25+ websites and a considerate part of those sites is having trouble with uploading the backups to Google Drive. Mainly when the size of the zip is larger then a few hundred MB's, which makes uploading times longer then is allowed for some sites.

Sometimes this can be solved by changing some parameters (like set_time_limit, SNAPSHOT_FORCE_ZIP_LIBRARY) in wp-config.php, but in my opinion these kind of measures shouldn't be needed at all. Snapshot Pro should be reliable out of the box, not dependent on values that the user should change first.

Looking at Updraft Plus, a solution could be to split the zip files in parts if it's becoming larger then a specific size. Updraft Plus works fine for me, without the need to configure even one parameter. Snapshot Pro should be that good as well.

Please consider adopting this, because without a reliable Snapshot Pro I can't use The Hub at all.