[Snapshot Pro] Snapshots of entire multisite

So if I am using this Snapshot Pro on a Multisite for a number of my clients sites. Let's say 25 client subdomains on it.

Here would be an example: Let's say I have a multi site: "event.com" and have a bunch of client events that I do like... abc.event.com / target.event.com / google.event.com / investorUSA.event.com / etc...

Currently, I have to go setup a snapshot manually for each and every one of the sites within the network multisite. If I want to do a weekly complete backup for each and a daily database only backup for each, I'll have to setup 50 snapshots manually. (I know managed backups does a complete backup, but it's also a complete restore).

But if I'm working on one of the sites and something happens, it would be nice to be able to restore quickly that one site. So, if there was a Snapshot option for the entire multisite that created all of the snapshots automatically for all of its sites and they all had the same backup settings, this would be great! and it would save your admins in these scenarios A LOT of time setting up these one-by-one.

I would think they could appear like the other snapshots, just under a header of something like "Your Complete Multi-Site Snapshots"

Hope you guys consider it... Cheers,