[Snapshot Pro] Suggestions - Snapshot and Managed Backups

I implement and manage Multi Networks. That said, there are a few things that could be implemented on our Snapshot Pro Plugin:

1) On Managed Backups, we should be able to decide whenever to backup files (themes, plugins, uploads, etcetera) or not. This would allow users to backup files only once on Multi Networks - normally on the Main Network Backup, and just DB and Settings on the Child-Multisites.

2) On the Snapshots Section, actualy 3 settings could be very helpful:

2.1) Twice a Day Backup --> this should return since it was very useful - user sets one time and Snapshot is made every 12 hours, usefull for development.

2.2) Allow user to define a given time of the day to each Snapshot --> easy and efficient, since we can set snapshots to run when the server is less used (at night). For Multi Networks, each Network can be set to backup at a different time, in order to avoid stress to the server resources.

2.3) Option to leave ZERO Local Copies of Snapshots --> this is pretty obvious. Now I dont make Full Snapshots (with files) because a copy stays on the server and that takes a lot of space. If ZERO Copies were left on the server, then I could make deeper and larger backups for each site (uploads at least).

Hope you guys can feel how handy these would be, and implement them very soon on a future (near) update! Cheers!