[Snapshot Pro] The Hub & Snapshot Feature


Just a quick feature I thought might be useful. When trying to recover from a disaster the first thing you will need is your backup files. What I have noticed is that from the Snapshot pro interface in WordPress, when I go to the link to download the backup file its an amazon aws file that is available for a period of time after the link is generated.

This means that I can go to my server and do a:

wget <awslink> and fast download the file direct to the server.

The links from the hub are not these links and I can't do the same from there. What this means is that in the event of a disaster (when everything will be stressful anyway) I will need to wait to download the backup file, and then wait to upload it to the new server as well. It would be much more useful to have these AWS links to allow me to pull them directly.

Kind regards