[Snapshot Pro] The Hub - Snapshots - Show all snapshots not only managed.


I realised that on the Hub under Backups it would show me only the Managed Backups.

We are installing Snapshot that enables us to take backups to FTP / GDrive etc, those are not showing up on the Hub though or sending a success/fail mail either ( at least I\'m not getting one or I\'ve found a way to enable them ).

Now the problem at hand is this. I\'ll be adding 80+ websites on the hub and let\'s say enabling various custom backups through Snapshot depending on the clients needs, if I can\'t at least see them through the Hub then there\'s no point of installing Snapshot to be totally honest. I could install any other backup plugin that would at least inform me through mail that the backup succeeded/failed. So for the time being I have to manually go into all the WP Admin dashboards to see if the backups where ok or failed.

The idea though is to get everything into the Hub by using wpmudev\'s plugins so I propose to show on the Hub all of the \'backup\' plans we have created under a site either Managed or Snapshot as it\'s confusing at the moment. It\'s confusing because I already have created \'backups\' that are working as supposed to, but the hub still says \'no backups\' due to them not being Managed.