SnapShot Pro v3.1 Backing up Individual Sites in Multi-Site

Good day –

I have been using Snapshot pro to back up individual sites for some time. Recently I upgraded the plugin to the latest version (v3.1) and it has completely changed. The unfortunate part is the online usage information on the plugin site is NOTHING like what is currently in the plugin. :slight_frown:

In the old version I could click on Add new – select the blog that I wanted to back up and pretty much hit submit. With the new version it seems to want to back up my entire multisite system in one swoop and I have not been able to locate any place in the settings or elsewhere to define specific sites to backup.

about my system – this is RHEL 6+ running apache v2.4 with PHP 7.1+. I have v4.8 of WordPress with all plugins/themes up to date. This is a multi-Network (running the multi-network plugin) Multi-Site installation.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about being able to backup individual blogs.