Snapshot Pro won't change my backup folder under settings

First off, this ticketing tool won't let me select Snapshot Pro for Select Installed Plugin, but that is what I am contacting you for.

In one of my Networs on WordPress, somehow the Backup Folder Location go set to within one of my multisite installs. Not sure how, but whatever, my bad. The problem is that I CANNOT get it to change locations no matter what I do. If I direct it to the new location, it makes a copy at the new location of all the files, but the destination stays in the old location and any subsequest backups stay in the old location. I cannot get it to release from the initial location. On my other network, it worked fine.

Also, upon uninstall, I get an Fatal Error message - "Fatal error: Call to private WPMUDEVSnapshot::__construct() from invalid context in /home/bagoliefriedman/public_html/wp-content/plugins/snapshot/uninstall.php on line 7". I know this is noted somewhere else, but I am wondering if they are linked somehow.