Snapshot Pro: Your proposed upload exceeds the maximum allowed size.

I am having a bit of trouble with a large update to S3 from my Snapshot Pro. Right now I am getting the following error: "Error: Send file failed :400 : Your proposed upload exceeds the maximum allowed size. Please help.

  • Ash

    Hello Richard Shay

    Is your backup larger than 5GB? Amazon has a limit of 5GB, so in that case the system can't upload that large file to amazon.

    As a workaround, you could create a snapshot for media only, and exclude specific folders by using the exclude field in the create snapshot form, and then create a separate snapshot for media and exclude the folders from the other media snapshot, so you are essentially splitting his media folder in half for each snapshot. It sounds messy but doable in this way. There is no other workaround I am afraid :slight_frown:

    Have a nice day!


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