Snapshot Restore Killed multisite network

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  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Martin,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I assume you did first create the snapshot using Snapshot -> Snapshots option on your local site, is that right? Or did you use the backup created by "Managed Backup" tool of Snapshot plugin? The "target" site is not operational now or it just didn't get updated/restored?

    The Snapshot plugin was not quite designed for moving the site but it can (kind of "side effect") be used that way and I must admit that I see such errors for the first time since it was released. IT seems however that the table names here are too long as according to MySQL docs they can only be up to 64 characters long. Snapshot should however take care of this during restore process.

    I think that if you still got the "local" site up and in the state that you wanted to restore and the goal of that restore was to move the site from local to live including all the content, settings etc, you could make use of Managed Backups.

    The steps would be like this:

    - from local site create full backup using Managed Backups option of Snapshot
    - download that backup file and a snapshot-installer file from The Hub (your WPMU DEV account)
    - create new - empty - database on a target server
    - put both backup .zip archive and snapshot-installer.php file (has to be extracted from its zip fle) into an empty root folder of the domain
    - run "snapshot-installer.php" in browser;

    It would then let you provide database access credentials, read the site URL automatically and should setup an exact copy of the backed up (local) site on the target server.

    One important thing though before giving it a go would be first to download all the files (including folder and their content - just everything) from the target site installation using FTP so you would be able to restore the files easily in case anything went wrong. The second one would be to use new and empty database for restoration.

    If that's not a solution for you or I missed the point, let me know please and we will assist you further.

    Kind regards,

  • Martin

    Thanks so much Adam for your quick answer - I actually deleted my post content as I got my network back up and running by deleting Gravity Forms and reuploading it!?!?

    Whilst I've got you though.. Yes I do use Snapshot in this way. The reason is that I often work on a site locally as a single install and then need to move it into my live Multisite network (I put all my client sites into the network for ease of admin / updates etc)..

    Do you know of a better way of moving a single install into a multisite than using Snapshot? Snapshot makes it so easy (when things don't go wrong!).

    Thanks again

  • Dimitris

    Hey there Martin,

    hope you're doing good and don't mind chiming in! :slight_smile:

    I'm more keen on making migration "manually" rather than using a plugin (like Snapshot that's more for backup/restore rather than migrating).
    The following resources should be enough for a migration procedure from single site to subsite.

    As for other plugins, there's All-in-One WP Migration but I haven't tested it to provide you any insights.

    Take care,

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