Snapshot "run now" does not run

I have one snapshot job and when I hit "run now", nothing is happening.

I have scheduled a backup to run later, to see if the back will run. It is scheduled for 1am tomorrow­. Hopefully this will work.

But I should be able to simply hit "Run now" and be good to go (I think).

  • Vaughan

    Hi Pierre,

    Hope you're well?

    Your PHP max_execution_time setting is very low which could cause a timeout. If you can edit php.ini on your server (You may need to ask your Webhost about editing php.ini) could you changing the following settings in php.ini

    max_execution_time = 300
    max_input_time = 300

    You can also try changing the chunksize by adding the following to your wp-config.php


    Hope this helps

  • Vaughan

    Hi Pierre,

    Ahh, ok, I assumed you was just referring to Managed Backup. We're changing the User interface in an upcoming release to separate them more which will be less confusing hopefully :slight_smile:

    Looking at the log, there's an error sending to google drive.

    Can you make sure that Drive API is enabled in your Google drive project that you created, sometimes it gets disabled?

    Also try creating a new destination & re-authorizing, as that sometimes fixes it.

    See this thread.

    Also, have you made sure to authorise it in the destinations?

    Dashboard > Snapshot > Destinations

    Click edit on the google drive destination.

    Then click Authorize button.

    Sometimes you may need to create a new destination & authorise it again, and that can fix it.

    The Run now option in snapshots, sets it to run on a schedule (you can see in the schedule column), it runs in the background.

    Hope this helps

  • Pierre

    I finally (after a few hours of playing around with it), I got Snapshot PRO to execute Backup and restore. But there are issues)

    As I am looking for a decent backup solution for several websites that I maintain, I decided to give snapshot PRO and Managed Backup a try.

    Here are a few comments on my experience… I would normally not take the time to do this. But I like WPMU and if my comments can help the development team...


    It takes forever to do the backup. Don't know what the backup steps are but I can see "Processing (step 1)" and it goes to a couple of hundred steps…

    Looking at the created ZIP file, it seems to be complete.

    Restoring has never been possible. It takes forever. On the managed back up screen, it says it can take anywhere between 2-20 minutes. I let it run for 40 minutes with no success (was still spinning trying to restore when I quit).

    Thought it might have been a corrupted file. Repeated the process with same results, except that the restore gave me (after 70 minutes of wait) an error message: "There was an error restoring your backup"… Not very meaningful, but at least I got a message.

    Message in the log not very useful either:
    "[snapshot][2017-04-14 18:27:08][Warning] There has been an issue restoring fileset chunk 0"

    Bottom line: The backup seems to work (albeit much much longer than SNAPSHOT PRO). I was not able to prove if the backup was successful as I was never able to restore. Not an option for me. On top of that, looking at the outrageous cost of your disk space, I am definitely walking away...


    That one has caused me quite a bit of headaches and cost me quite a bit of time. Creating a google drive destination is combersome, to say the least. If you do not execute the steps creation in a specific order, it will never be able to connect with google drive. It seems that once the destination is created, if you missed one element, it will not recognize changes that you are making to it. The only way to really make it work is to delete the destination and start over again…. Not the ideal…. I lost alot of time trying to change my destination before I realize that problem…

    The option to "RUN NOW" does not give you any indication that the backup is running (no progress bar or anything) leaving the user the impression that it does not work…. To realize later that the back up has in fact been taken.

    Yes there is a message saying "backup has been scheduled", but I clicked "Run now" and I am expecting it to run. So the message leads to confusion.

    The restore function runs until the end with no error. However, a quick look at the restored website shows indications that the restore did not function properly. A simple thing like "Blog title" has not been restored properly.

    Note: This is a multi site testing environment with 3 sites. I did a backup, deleted 2 sites and restored to get my 2 sites back.

    I did not look further for other errors. Just losing the blog title brings the question "what else was forgotten during the process…". If I cannot be 100% confident that a backup was properly taken and that a restore can be achieved with precision, then I am walking away.

    Is it because SNAPSHOT PRO was not designed for a multi site environment? I would be surprised that it would be the case, coming from the Word Press Multi User (WPMU) experts.

    At the end of it, after many hours to try and get this to work, I was not able to successfully backup and restore using either SNAPSHOT PRO nor the Managed Back up Service.

    Unfortunately, I have to look for another solution...

  • Vaughan

    Hi Pierre,

    Thanks for the feedback, I will pass this along to the developers.

    The option to "RUN NOW" does not give you any indication that the backup is running (no progress bar or anything) leaving the user the impression that it does not work…. To realize later that the back up has in fact been taken.

    To add a progress indicator would take up far more processing time & resources as it will need to calculate everything before it knows. We are at the whim of the webhosting & server resources here, and that can cause considerable overhead & resource usage on the server, shared hosts certainly would not like that.

    Unfortunately, as with all plugin type backup solutions, server resources, hosting restrictions/throttling & other numerous config settings can all affect the reliability of the process. This becomes more apparent once the sites get larger & larger.

    In some ways personally, this is why I tend to rely more on CPanel backup/restores & using PHPmyadmin to do a DB export when needed as they do tend to be a lot more reliable with larger sites.

    We can try to mitigate some of those using the below defines in wp-config.php

    define('SNAPSHOT_FORCE_ZIP_LIBRARY', 'pclzip');

    Hope this helps

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