Snapshot says that restore is 100% complete but site has default information

Hi, after attempting the restore of one of the subsites, it doesn’t look like the site previous to the backup, it’s still showing the default site.

Access details and URL’s in the internal ticket.

Thanks in advance!

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello joejacobson

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    I checked the site and the backup file. Was this backup (snapshot) created from the very same Multisite?

    There are two issues here:

    1. the snapshot is only a “partial” one; it seems that this particular snapshot was set to backup only

    – media files (/wp-content/uploads)

    – selected database tables

    Only files available there are actually media files and the database tables are related to setting of some plugins but there’s no tables backed up such as e.g. _posts, _postmeta, _term and similar – so basically no content related tables.

    2. Looking at the backed tables, I can see that there are some plugins on the install missing, such as: WooCommerce, Events+ and some that I’m guessing names – “spider calendar”, something using “CALP” acronyme in db tables name etc.

    Since there’s no plugins included in the backup, they won’t be also restored by Snapshot. Only the db tables would be added but while plugins are missing, they won’t be used. The same applies to the theme.

    Furthermore, there’s no change in “site information” either because e.g. “options” and other “system” tables were not included in backup.

    This suggests that the backup was actually configured in a “minimalist” way so it would only be good for restoring certain data (like media files or e.g. Events+ events) to the same site it was taken from, while the site should exist and be “up and running” in its “original form”.

    I’m afraid that if there’s no other backup – either full snapshot or a full “managed backup” of the multisite, there’s not much that could be done there. You can install missing plugins and that should make some data available, install the theme that was originally used on that site – but that still won’t bring back site information (like title and so on), posts, pages etc.

    If there was a full snapshot of that site available, it should work find. If we had a managed backup of entire multisite available, we should also be able to “extract” sub-site from it – even tho it would be a bit of “custom” work it should be doable and I could help you with that.

    If none of that is available, I’m afraid there’s not really a way to restore the site – unless there’s e.g. backup from hosting (but that would probably be a full multisite too).

    Kind regards,


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