Snapshot seems not working properly


I have just bought and installed snapshot today and ran into some issues. I appologize for the longer story, but I want to explain to you exactly what happened.

After installing it, I made my first snapshot directly, before updating my plugins. After the plugin update I made a second snapshot.

After that we changed and added some things to the website, but after testing one of our webpages (other listbuilding plugin) we saw that this wasn’t working anymore. Now this could be because of the new snapshot install or the update of this particular plugin. So, we decided to make a third snapshot, to save the work done after the 2nd and then restore to the first snapshot to see if this error was caused by the listbuilding plugin update itself or because of snapshot. It looked like it was the listbuilding plugin update that caused the malefunction, but after restoring a few other issues appeared.

* Above every page I get a message that I need to configure my “simple share button” plugin, which was configured correctly before.

* One of my sidebar widgets disappeared, while it was there and installed before backing up.

* Also, if I click on “all snapshots” I do not see my 3 snapshots anymore! There are still in the folder if I look via FTP, but not visible in wordpress.

I didn’t notice any other issues yet, but of course I didn’t check my complete website.

I hope you can help me out with these issues? Not so much with the listbuilding plugin not working properly though, because that is not due to snapshot.

Thanks for your help in advance!