Snapshot sending duplicate backups to server


When inspecting my files in FTP today, I've noticed that there are backup .zip files created by Snapshot that are being stored in our websites directory on our Host.

These backups are supposed to be our weekly DropBox backups scheduled in Snapshot.

Further checking Dropbox today, these same zip files are still being sent to Dropbox, but it seems that Snapshot is also saving these in our wp-content folder.

Is this suppose to happen? I'm not all too familiar with Snapshot as I have previously been using BackWpUp with no problems, so I just wanted to check if this extra duplicate backing up is normal? And would this cause any problems on the server side if our WP directory get's too large?

The file structure in which the files are being sent to are as follows:

If you could just confirm that is suppose to be happening, or if not, how to resolve it please?