Snapshot shows max_execution_time -1

With the WP All Expert active the Snapshot returns a warning that max_execution_time is set to -1

  • Ivan

    Hi Kaleb !

    Actually, I never saw that max_execution_time is set to -1. "If set to zero, no time limit is imposed" says manual but they don't mention about negative value.

    For resolving this issue, you can open {wordpress_folder}/wp-content/plugins/snapshot/lib/Snapshot/Helper/Utility.php file via FTP and replace this line (approximately 2056th line )
    'test' => 0 === (int)ini_get('max_execution_time') || (int)ini_get('max_execution_time') >= 150,
    to this one
    'test' => 0 >= (int)ini_get('max_execution_time') || (int)ini_get('max_execution_time') >= 150,

    Also, I'll ping our developer to change it but I'm not sure that it's a better way. It will be better if you contact to support of this plugin about this issue.

    Best regards,

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