Snapshot stopped working with FCGI and APC Opcode

Hi, at 2 days ago i have activated FCGI and APC Opcode, everything seemed to be working great. Today i went to create a Snapshot by using the "Run Now" function, it started to backup normally but when finished there wasn't a new backup created in the list.

Then i connected through FTP and went to /wp-content/uploads/snapshot/ to check if there was a new backup living there, but no, nothing new just the old backups created before i switched to FCGI and APC Opcode.

Then i used the "Add New" function to try and it started backing up but when it reached 92% of the plugins folder it has stopped and the main admin network site rendered inside the snapshot section, which i had to abort the process of backing up.

I have crawled google and WPMU forums and i didn't found nothing related with this issue i'm having.

My VPS: NGINX + PHP5-FPM + APC Opcode and also i have the QuickCache Pro plugin activated.

It was working great till i have switched to FCGI and Opcode at 2 days ago.

Any ideas what might be happening with FCGI + APC Opcode and Snapshot?

Thank you