Snapshot Stopped Working

I’ve Snapshot Pro installed on nearly every site I care for and love it! Went to do the month-end round of updates on one particular site today and found that installation has been snoozing at the wheel.

Nothing has changed on this site other than core and other plugins which have all happily held hands for months. Obviously something has changed. I’ve disabled / enabled Snapshot and double checked and saved both of the backups I have here.

Oddly, they both stopped on June 30. They show the next backup to be July 1, which is a tad in the past :slight_smile: After doing the above, I tried to force a “run now” and it accepts that and updates the next backup date, but nothing comes of it. Confirmed also connection to Dropbox and there is nothing there past June 30 – same with the local storage.

The plugin appears to be up-to-date. I will continue the list tomorrow of solutions including touching base with the host to see if anything has been changed. I have other sites at this same host (including my own) and they all backed up last night.

Thought I’d get the ticket underway, for now I am using PhPMyAdmin to cover the bases. Thanks. I’ve followed through a similar post from a few weeks ago, without resolution.