Snapshot support for Amazon S3 Type storage

As far as I can tell from trying it – snapshot does not support backup to an Amazon S3-Type cloud storage like Dreamhost Objects. I tried it but got several errors.

Because there are several providers in this space now – do you have any plans to include this in the future?

  • aristath
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    Hello there @mike, I hope you’re well today!

    I haven’t heard of this issue before, so I have pinged @paul, the plugin developer on this thread. I know he’s working hard on the next version of the plugin so this will certainly be of interest to him!

    It would be really useful though if you could tell us exactly what the errors you got were… This will be really useful in order to understand the cause of this issue!



  • Mike
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    Dreamhost Objects is a relatively new service – as are others in this class of cloud storage solution. Some tools and plugins support it using their S3 settings panel but allowing an alternative URL like, the keypair, and a bucket to be input for any S3 compatible service.

    It is a very inexpensive service, especially if you have a Dreamhost account and so are the services like it in the market.

    To see if it was supported, I used the S3 section and put the Dreamhost object url in and the bucket I had open for this. I tried to save the destination, but it locked up the admin window for a time and then failed without an error listing. I am guessing but I think it just couldn’t connect and eventually failed.

    There are other plugins that use this and similar services, but I don’t know of any that support multisite.

  • Paul
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    Yeah, we have a backlog of remote destination requests. Will look into the Dreamhosts Objects. There are quite a few S3 clones showing up. Honestly only 1 in 3 is actually a true clone. The others are mainly saying they are AWS/S3 like but don’t support the exact same API provided by AWS.

    I know we added GreenQloud late last year. Pretty easy since it was a 98% clone. But I need to find a better way than copying the AWS library each time otherwise Snapshot will grow too large.

    Marking this as feature request.

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