Snapshot: Unable to Import a Archive to Restore

Hi — I have the same issue as posted on this thread:

I am attempting to migrate from one site to another using this guide:

But can’t see a reference there to the solution. The alternative zip approach is not an option on my setting screen. I have tried —

– Backup to local directory: backup from the original site worked. New site could find the backup (same hosts) but when I click “Restore” I just see “Archive: Pending”, so cannot complete the restore

– Backup to DropBox: I have completed this based on a free plan, but understand that a Public Folder can only be created with a Paid Plan, and using a Public Link gives an error “Error: Manifest data not found in archive.”

So — I have taken down my site and it’s now empty. I have two backups — one on the host and one with DropBox but can’t seem to use either! What is my next option?