SnapshotPro not working on new hosting


I'm having an issue here, even GoDaddy can't figure it out. I used the plugin in the past and it worked well but now, I got an error message telling me to increase the limit … And it take all the resource on the server and I can't try again.

1st call : I've been asked to desactivate the plugin, I did but something keep running in the background, I got disconnected and had to call again

2nd : They deleted the plugin but it didn't change anything …. 3rd call : Been forwarded to an expert who suggest to reset the server :slight_frown: Which I did but I got the same error on my 4th attempt : What's going on ?

I downloaded the plugin yesterday, so it's up-to date

I setup a new WordPress

I increase the limit on wp-config.php

I try install the plugin and it broke the server again

Even hear of something similar ?

What am I suppose to do now ?