Snapshots, backups, memory limits

Hey there superheroes,

I am asking this via a ticket because I was unsure where to include it in the public discussions...

I am pretty new to backups, and up till now was using backupbuddy... Now that I-m stepping into Multisites, what was my surprise to find out that Backupbuddy does not support Multisite feature... :O ! Thank the Gods (well, the heroes) there is Snapshot!!!

Anyway, my big concern is about memory limits. I don't know if I understood well, but apparently if you got a big sub-site in your network like I do, that easily goes beyond the 256, or 512 Mb memory limits of your server plan, you are "screwed"?

As far as I understood if your site is say 800 Mb, you cannot make backups if your max php memory limit on the server config is 256 MB?

Yes, I know I should consider moving to a VPS, but this question is part of the process of evaluating my needs or options if I'd had to move to a VPS server... :slight_smile:

I remember (the few times) I've used Backupbuddy, it had some function that allowed something like breaking the process so it would go on even if it consumed all the memory during the backup process...

Forgive me for my lack of technical knowledge on this matter. I hope you can bring some light to my doubts about Snapshot and how to proceed for my case :slight_smile:

cheers and thanks in advance!

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello sergio,

    That is true that sometimes memory limit can cause 500 interval server error - but usually even with bigger snapshots 256 or 512 should be enough to create backup.
    However max_execution_time can be issue with bigger files - it should have set high limit set so snapshot will have enough time to process bigger files.

    One thing that can go wrong with bigger snapshots is sending them to Google Drive or Dropbox - that can also fail.

    At this moment you can increase max_execution_time and try to make snapshot of your big subsite locally - and see how it will go - let me know about result and if there will be problem we will investigate and see what can we do about that.

    kind regards,

  • sergio

    Hello Kasia,

    thanks for your quick reply... My site is not very big, yet, :smiley: I'm just gathering info for the future as it will be a kind of a resource archive, so it will get big (even if I don't plan to host resource files in my server)...

    Nevertheless just ran a quick test snapshot of that sub-site, and I was quite impressed with the speed (and ease of use)...

    The remote destination send is a bugger :slight_frown: ... I am worried about that as having backups sitting locally on your server is not the best solution :S

    Thank you a lot for your assistance Kasia!
    Kind Regards

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