Snapshots Plugin - reporting a bug

Today I tried to restore a Snapshot in a new site.

The only difference in the database was the prefix of the database, instead of the normal one wp_ it was cb_

On the new installation I changed the prefix to wpiw_ and did the restore.

After doing the restore I couldn't access as an admin, the admin users where treated like subscribers.

When I checked what was going on, I realized that Snapshots doesn't change the information related to permissions in the wp_usersmeta table, and that's why I couldn't access with my normal admin users.

At the end I had to use the same prefix as before (cb_) and it worked well, no more headaches.

  • Rupok

    Hi Camilo, hope you had a wonderful day.

    I just tried to regenerate the issue on my test site, but I could not. I created two fresh WordPress websites on my local server. One with "wp_" prefix and another with "wnw_" prefix. Then created a full snapshot including all files and db tables from "wp_" site, and imported and restored in "wcs_" site, but I could login as admin with all users of "wp_" site in "wnw_" site. Please check the attached screenshot for reference.

    Can you try taking a snapshot disabling all your plugins and then restore again? Please let us know the result.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

  • Camilo

    I was just reporting the bug I found and it happened to me. I was able to change it just by using the old prefix in the database. I didn't document it.

    It may be a plugin for sure. I think it was Simple Firewall but didn't test it deep.

    Anyway, what I do notice is that in the wp_usermeta table the wp_capabilities didn't change so it was showing with the old prefix.

    I was able to solve the issue, maybe it wasn't a bug at all. I'm just telling my experience from a user point of view and it frustrated for me because all the site looked fine but I couldn't access so I have to start again with the migration.

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