Snapshots Restored to New Wordpress Install

This question is not specific to this install, but specific to the action I've taken a few times with the snapshot plugin and the resulting effects. I do my testing for clients on a local WAMP install. Then, when work is complete, or I need to bring it to a live URL for viewing, I upload the snapshot file to the snapshots folder of the new WordPress installation. Then scan to import, and restore. Everything goes great, and works well. Except when I try to login to the new installation. I get a 406 mod security error, which would always point me to the host, but upon further investigation this is only happening after this specific process. I can do it the long way and this does not occur. If I turn mod security off on the server, login, then turn it back on everything is fine. Hopefully you folks have some clarity to this, it just doesn't sit well with me from a security perspective, ie. did something break, am I leaving a door open, etc. I am happy to help resolve this however I can, please just let me know anything you need from me.