Snapshots stuck on Pending

My snapshots appear to backup successfully, however when I try to use an FTP Location, they just say Location: Pending (see screenshot). I have checked the connection to ensure all the settings are correct, and it never gives me any errors. I have also ensured that I have front end traffic to trigger the wp-cron.

Any ideas why this would be occurring?

  • caritasdesigns
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I also just noticed, that it looks like it tries to "Send to destination", but it must fail (see screenshot). There is nothing in the log that shows that it has tried/failed to send. All it does is go from "Now" back to "Next" (like row 2 and 3) when it's done "Sending" but the Destination still shows 1 Pending.

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub


    Thanks for the log. And thanks for reminding me I had access to your site. So I logged into your wp-admin

    Under your Snapshots > Settings in the section Error Reporting I turned on the log Errors, Warning, Notices.

    I then wanted to test this so my own FTP server. You can see this under your FTP Destinations. I then setup a Snapshot configuration to send just the core WP tables archive to that Destination. The FTP went off without an error. The tail of the logs is below at the end of this message. .

    So this brings into suspect your FTP configuration. True when you hit the test connection button it does not return an error. One issue I see is the the connection is is only attempting to test the login and destination path. Unlike the Dropbox destination code it doesn’t actually attempt to upload a test file. So the issue could be permissions or maybe the file size. Still dogging. I’ll report back after investigating the FTP logic.

    2013-01-24 08:48:48: memory limit: 256M: memory usage current: 44.25M: memory usage peak: 46.25M

    2013-01-24 08:48:48: finish:

    2013-01-24 08:48:48: Sending file: 234.28kb

    2013-01-24 08:48:48: Destination: ftp: Paul Test

    2013-01-24 08:48:48: Notice: errno:8 Undefined variable: destination_info /home/caritasd/public_html/wp-content/plugins/snapshot/lib/destinations/ftp/index.php on line 431

    2013-01-24 08:48:48: Warning: errno:2 ftp_chdir(): Can’t change directory to / No such file or directory /home/caritasd/public_html/wp-content/plugins/snapshot/lib/destinations/ftp/index.php on line 705

    2013-01-24 08:48:49: Using FTP connection

    2013-01-24 08:48:49: Connecting to host: Port: 21 Timeout: 90

    2013-01-24 08:48:49: Passive mode off.

    2013-01-24 08:48:49: Login success.

    2013-01-24 08:48:49: Home/Root: /

    2013-01-24 08:48:49: Changing Directory:

    2013-01-24 08:48:49: Current Directory: /

    2013-01-24 08:48:49: ftp_put

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub

    Ah. Now seeing an error. Going to patch the FTP destination code.

    2013-01-24 09:08:01: table: wp_users segment: 1/1

    2013-01-24 09:08:01: file: non selected

    2013-01-24 09:08:01: memory limit: 256M: memory usage current: 44.5M: memory usage peak: 46.5M

    2013-01-24 09:08:01: finish:

    2013-01-24 09:08:01: Notice: errno:8 Undefined variable: destination_info /home/caritasd/public_html/wp-content/plugins/snapshot/lib/destinations/ftp/index.php on line 431

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub

    @caritasdesigns, So next issue I’m trying to debug. I see where the second snapshot item tries to send the file ‘’ to the monthly folder. I can see the folder and see the file start to upload. I can see 23Mb of the file. But not seeing why this are stopped.

    Any chance you can check your server logs. Maybe your hosting provides an FTP log or something that would indicate if there was a known error. There might be something with the FTP being to itself.

    I’ll keep digging through the Snapshot destination code.

  • caritasdesigns
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    When I go into the Error Logs from the cPanel here’s what it shows (about 300 of them from the past day or so):

    [Thu Jan 24 10:47:42 2013] [warn] [client] Timeout waiting for output from CGI script /home/xxx/public_html/wp-cron.php

    Is that what you’re looking for? I’ll keep digging if not.

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub

    @caritasdesigns, Thanks for the log review. Not quite what I was looking for. As I mentioned in my direct emails to you last evening there is something systematic about your server setup. First thanks for providing not only access to your site via wp-admin and FTP but also control panel.

    so as I mentioned on my direct emails I’ve setup a script to run outside of WordPress and thus outside of Snapshot that will perform the same PHP function ftp_put() using the same FTP account info and one of the large snapshot files already on disk.

    Even running this script as a stand alone PHP script it aborts. There is no error reported. The page just reloads. I get about 23M of the 100M.

    Per the control panel I’ve tried to adjust the PHP variables. But then when I check those values via the stand alone script they are still set at the original (lower) values.

    I’m sorry to say I need to put this back on you to investigate with your hosting. There is something I’m not seeing in the setup. I’m not a sysadmin. When you can get the stand alone PHP script to fully send the 100M file then I’ll be glad to look into the Snapshot issue.

  • caritasdesigns
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    @paul, I actually just changed it from FTP to local and moved the entire directory above the public_html folder. This should accomplish what I want to do and I didn’t receive any help from the hosting with regard to increasing the actual memory limit. Sorry for not posting it here sooner. Again, you’ve been a great help and the support you and WPMU has provided on this is outstanding.

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