Embed content in custom post type for default usage

Hello. So i need some help with the default options that my client will see when they make a new post. Just a bit of background though, this particular website is a directory style in which my client can add cars (he is a car dealer).

I have almost finished setting up the theme and completing the project but i have run into an issue. You see, there is a custom post type called listings.... on that post type there are options that the client will choose like make : BMW, Mercedes etc. There are many options.

Now these options appear on the page with the use of shortcode blocks that are added via Visual Composer.

The issue is this... even if the client chooses the options for the car when he makes a new post, they will NOT display on the page, until the shortcode is added.

1) The client is not a techie - he does not know how to add the short codes (even though adding the short codes is hardly a chore

2) To add the shortcodes into the listing every single time will be a nightmare, very time consuming and i dont think the client will appreciate it.

Is there a way to embed those pieces of shortcode directly so that those steps can be skipped entirely?

Im not a developer, i only know basic HTML and CSS, and i implement wordpress plugins and themes etc... Would really appreciate if you could help me on this.... See attached a screenshot -
the blocks that you see (STM car top info) are the shortcodes that are added to the content. The options for those are at the bottom of the page where the client selects them)

Thanking you guys in anticipation.