So Confused About Configuration for Plugin!


I've setup the plugin as per the brief video and after lots of trying different things managed to get posts that are published to show up on my fan page.

I also managed to get comments to sync (manually - automatically hasn't happened yet - what does "periodically" mean?)

My biggest problem though is with Facebook Connect, which seemed to be working, but now keeps giving me this error:

"An error occurred with MyApp. Please try again later."

I know I had this working last night! Now it doesn't work. What settings could possibly make it stop working?

My Facebook app shows up as an App in the account of the person I try to login with even though this error occurs. Is it WordPress then that is the issue? Or is there some mystery permission I need to set for the App? I've granted it permissions for the Fan Page account creator.

Please help.

  • milanchotai


    Thanks for the quick response.

    I'll explain in detail:

    - We have a website with a blog.

    - We have a business Facebook account for our fan page (

    - I created a Facebook application as instructed by Ultimate Facebook plug-in to allow a post on our blog to show-up on the fan page. I also wanted comments from Facebook to merge with WordPress. Lastly, I wanted users to be able to login to our Website using their Facebook account.

    My assumption was I grant permissions for the app to our social@ account once. I then tell Ultimate Facebook to post to the fan page wall "As the page". From that point forward, whether I am logged in as social or not, that should just happen.

    I also assumed when users login to our system they just get the facebook login, give their username/password, give permission to the application, and now we can add them as a user to our system.

    I've run into all sorts of problems I can't make sense of:

    1) When I am logged in as Social@ in Facebook, and then login as "admin" in our website, I can create posts, and they post to our fan page. Howver, when I logout of Facebook or am in as a seperate person, it doesn't seem to work (maybe once but mostly not). I found that really frustruating.

    2) I know I was able to get a user to login yesterday using their facebook account, but I can't seem to today. I get the error lsited above. Nothing has changed.

    3) The comments merge "periodically" but how often is that? Can I set the period to be more frequent or in real-time?


  • DavidM

    Hi milanchotai,

    Working with Phil on this, I believe your first item has to do with the default plugin behavior. The following page from Facebook helps to explain how it all works.

    As far as I can see, you'd have to be logged in for a post to go through, given this statement:

    "If the user isn't logged in to Facebook when you make this call, a login dialog appears, followed by a dialog with the post data."

    Regarding item number 2, could you possibly get us a screenshot of the settings for the Facebook Connect tab? It'll help us to see all the options as you have them configured.

    Lastly, comments should be imported hourly. You'd have to change the plugin code to alter that, not something we advise since that would get overwritten with plugin updates. It also helps being around an hour so it's not so resource heavy.


  • milanchotai


    Minor updated:

    Not sure why, but now posting is working fine again event if I am not logged into "social@". My preference would be to have a field in plugin just to provide username/password in case for any event the account needed authentication (to be logged in) so the posting worked without issue always. Can't seem to replicate issue right now so not sure what could be cause. However, for some reason, when I am not logged into FB, the options for auto-post go to "me" instead of the Fan Page name for "user". Seems right now that that is okay but I think before that was when it stopped working.

    As for logging into backend with FB credentials (FB connect) that issue is still occurring as shown in screen shot. I've included all settings at present. Not sure what else I can do - should I send the FB app settings?

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