so, do RSS feeds actually *copy* a blog post onto your

so, do RSS feeds actually *copy* a blog post onto your blog? Or feature it through a window? It seems like it copies it; but i'm just wanting to understand.

like, not just Autoblog. is that what RSS feeds do? They copy the post so that now it shows up in my posts section?

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Griffin,

    Hope you're having a great weekend.

    RSS feeds are just another way to deliver web content and make it more accessible to those who want to share it.

    The best example of this is a News site. They want people to spread their content so they will often have several RSS feeds for each category and then users can subscribe to them. A lot of news apps are actually just RSS feed readers and allow you to subscribe to different RSS feeds on topics you like and receive that content.

    AutoBlog isn't an RSS feed itself, but it takes advantage of the RSS feed to pull in posts to your website. AutoBlog is what is copying the post and pulling it into your post section. The RSS feed is just what AutoBlog uses to do that.

    Copying content like this directly from a website is more difficult as every website is different, it's not a universal format like an RSS feed is. You will see their are "scrapers" available that will scrape the content from a website but they aren't always reliable.

    Hope that clears things up! If you still have further questions just let me know.


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Griffin, sorry for such a delay on this thread! Sometimes these old ones don't get re-assigned properly. We're currently going through and closing all old threads to avoid this issue. Will take awhile for our system to get through them all due to how many we have.

    Anyways, as for your question - I don't know of a out of the box solution for that. Would likely require some custom development. You may have already found a solution by now, hopefully that is the case!


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