So, I am editing BP-Social ridiculously – need help finding one page template.

I know I am committing template abuse, but humor me, please!

Here's the site:

I have a "coming soon" plugin up for people not logged in, so, unless you want to read a lot of flash animated intellectual quotes and miss the issue at hand, I ask that you log in!

My test log-in info is:

username: bonkers

password: bonkers4monkeys

Screenshot one shows what all of the pages are supposed to look like (at this point, anyway). All of the pages offered in the main navigation bar follow this format.

Screenshot two shows what the pages offered in the secondary upper nav, (links available at the top right-hand side of the screen directly below the flash header) look like.

All of these particular pages clearly utilize the same template, a template I have – up 'till now – been unable to find.

Puleeze – tell me where this is so I can edit this section to match the rest of the site! I know I can find it with patience, but I also know that someone out there knows where to find this! Save me a headache – please!