I started having a issue with nothing happening when I click sign up on register

Hi Guys,

So I decided to go for protected content vs membership for a community site I am building.

Plan was to have at least two types of memberships. One is customer (to be able to buy products and access site) Second is the 'closed community' member. I will be using buddypress for extra profile fields etc. For testing purposes I just called them types silver and gold.

I decided to go with the second option for PC memberships (different content, different member and add-ons has multiple memberships). If this is the wrong choice, please let me know. Any docs, I will read them.

The Problem
I started having an issue with nothing happening when I click sign up on register page.

- Browser Inspector:
TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'this.hide()') content_start_0.js:1:2859
- First I thought maybe its buddypress...nope
- Maybe its the theme, changed theme to 2014...no luck
- Disabled all plugins except PC and Buddy and WPMUDev Dashboard...nope
- I started losing it and finally decided to install separate instance with just 2014 theme, Protected Content plugin but it still doesn't work.

That leads me two conclusions, I didn't setup PC properly or something in latest update changed something.

Any help or documentation on setting up Protected Content would be awesome.


P.S. Support Access Granted, valid until Nov 28th. Its a test site just for this issue.