So, I have Google Maps installed, and am using it with

So, I have Google Maps installed, and am using it with Events+ on a site for events in our multisite network. On the page set up for showing all events...I get exactly what I am looking for...but when I add an event with a map, and view the event...the event page is showing the map for that event, twice. Not ALL of the content is repeated, just the map is shown again, after everything else. see here:

I have tried to look at the template for anything that would call the map again, i'm using buddypress community on that site. I also switched to other templates to make sure it's not a template-specific thing...and it shows in other templates as well.

So, any help getting that worked out would be hugely appreciated.

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    stranger still was that the first time it happened, I was able to make it not do it by deleting the first map, and adding a new map. the double display returned though. I am activating support right now so it should be ready when you are!

    I am trying to do other things with maps too and reading a lot as I go. I'm struggling with shortcode on these for sure.

    I added the map at the event posting editor, the top right of adding an event.

    I did note that, in adding an event at another network site, the actual MAP ID was the same. Is there a place in the network set up to go and SEE ALL MAPS that are created in a network? I wonder if when we go live and people start adding events to their sites, if each new one will in some way tell the system to show "map 1" that many times.

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    oops hit submit finish that thought....but when Map 2 started showing twice, it lead me away from that thought. my thought is complete, lol. Anyway...I should also point out that on the MAIN site, the event I created there is NOT showing two's the events subsite that it is. There is an event on this page: which shows pretty much right. I am however, going to be trying to make the Events sub-site a sort of hub for showing all events from all sites in the network...which keeps the main site able to focus more on publications. That's so you know what I'm going for here.

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    BTW - if this can't be figured out soon, I will be deleting that site, and rebuilding it from scratch. I set up a test site on the same network with the same theme, and it is NOT displaying maps twice. The settings on each are almost exactly the same. It's bothersome that this bugginess is happening, and there are other issues to deal with, but if I can't even duplicate the problem again in my own network, I don't know if anyone can actually help with this issue. If I don't hear from anyone soon on it, I'll close this thread when I get around to proceeding with just deleting that and trying it from scratch. As always I'd rather see a problem solved so that if anyone else ever ran into it they would have that info...there has to be a reason for this...but if I can get on with things by just starting over on the spot, I do have lots of other parts of the network I'm building to deal with.

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    So anyone reading this thread knows: to re-build the site, since there was no way to figure this out as it was not duplicate-able...I took the old and edited the site to add an x to the name, so it became I made a new, and side by side, added all the elements over one at a time, checking to make sure nothing broke or issues I had before came back as I set it up (they didn't...just as they hadn't on the test site I had tried to duplicate the problems on). Then I deleted the when I had the pages I wanted back in order, and the template set up to a decent start point. So, don't know what went wrong the first time, but things are worked out now. I'll mark this thread closed and if anything does go wrong again, I'm marking closely every setting or change made so I'll know exactly what causes it.

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