So I have two different types of memberships. One os

So I have two different types of memberships. One os monthly and one is "seasonal" (5 month finite membership). however I am having trouble understanding the levels ... I only need there to be one level of "blocked/private" content by using the short-code [level-dfs] [/level-dfs].

Yet when one some signs up for the "Monthly" or "Seasonal" membership it does not automatically assign them or give them proper privileges to view the content with in the short-code. I am pretty sure this is just me mis understanding how the level/subscriptions etc work.

I have enabled support via the dashboard so you can get a hands of feel for what I am talking about and see how I have it set up in the back end etc.

Thanks for the support guys!

  • Vaughan

    Hi @ryan,

    I see that your seasonal subscription plan is using the premium access level.

    Therefore users will be controlled only by the rules in the premium access level.

    Users in the monthly plan are assigned to the DFS access level.

    But you do not have any rules at all in your DFS access level, this will not work without any rules.

    So for the seasonal, you need to use [level-premium] & not [level-dfs]

    Montly members will be governed by [level-dfs] because that is the access level that you assigned to that subscription plan.

    If you want them all to have the same access, then you need to assign the same access-level to both the subscription plans.

    Hope this helps

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