So I know that pro sites is an "upgrade" plugin. But

So I know that pro sites is an "upgrade" plugin. But I am building a multisite network of sites that are pre-populated with seo friendly content for their region etc. And would like to have a basic amount they are charged to get their site up and running monthly. Can you direct me on how or who could make this happen and still have the ability to have your upgrade options in pro-sites?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, WildThayne!

    I'm not sure of a way, with our tools, to charge members to create a site, and then charge a monthly fee on top of that to maintain it. I can think of a few options you might try to workaround it, however.

    1. Disable new user/site registration, then use something like MarketPress that can sell "virtual" products to sell the initial setup. This way, members have to pay first, then you can create the site/account from your network admin.

    2. Using just ProSites, drastically limit the initial free level that comes as a part of ProSites, and only provide your premade content after a ProSites subscriptions is confirmed.

    3. You could use Pay Per View to hide your user signup form, users would have to pay (x) amount to create a new site.

    With any of these options, upgrading with ProSites is still viable. It may take a little lateral thinking to make it work, but it's totally do-able.

    Hope this helps, WildThayne!

  • WildThayne

    Thanks for your response. Another quick question if you are willing.

    If I use a form to create a stripe subscription for say $40/mo. And they then use the pro-sites upgrade to add functionality and it is to increase their monthly by $5 or something and they now are paying $45/mo using the pro-sites stripe integration - is there any way to cancel the old subscription in stripe and automatically get them on the $45/mo plan now?

    This same question would go for a free site that upgrades using pro-sites, but then upgrades again using pro-sites, is pro-sites smart enough to cancel the old subscription and start a new one?

    Just so you can see what I am hoping for, please take quick look at this link if you would:

    If after looking at this page some thoughts come to mind how to make this happen, any suggestions would be helpful. Your pay per view option could work to get the initial $40/mo subscription setup (if that is a subscription and not a one time payment) But any other thoughts would be appreciated, you guys are great. And if you know a programmer that could make this smooth for a fee, that might be nice too. Thanks again.

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