So i updated

So i updated Membership 2 Pro today and have several new issues.
1. Paid Members are seeing a list of invoices in there account, after some investigation most of them are not supposed to show for that user.

2. PayPal orders stay in pending. The Subscription charges go through on PayPals end but the plugin never activates the package.

Any Suggestion would be greatly appreciated as I have had a few cancellations due to they think they are getting charged many times.

  • Patrick

    Hi there Matthew

    I hope you're well today!

    I just tested that on my sandbox site and, while the PayPal order did indeed complete (did not stay in pending status), orders not belonging to the user are showing on his account page on the front-end (but not when clicking through to View All):

    So this is indeed a bug that has crept into the latest update. I've flagged it as such and have notified the developers so they can get that fixed up lickety-split. Thanks for reporting it!

  • Matthew

    So after some investigation it seems the PayPal issues still exists.

    Sometimes after the user completes the PayPal subscription there Membership 2 Pro package is automatically activated but other times it is not (approx 50%).

    I have also found that, so far, there does not seem to be an IPN response in the transaction log for the accounts that are not automatically activated.

    So.. I think we can presume that PayPal is sending a response every time. So why would the plugin sometimes receive the IPN response and sometimes not?

    I was also able to confirm that this was happening before the last update (which has it's own bug that has not been corrected yet).

    This plugin is the main reason for my WPMUDEV subscription so I would really like to determine if these problems are correctable or if I need to look elsewhere. Right now I literally have to respond to emails off an on all day letting new subscriber know that (yes you should have had access and it should be working now) and this should be the easy part.

  • Matthew

    So I am incredibly disappointed in this plugins dev team. I have read so many comments that you guys suck at taking care of business but as a developer myself I dismissed all of the negative and focused on the future.

    Your team released a bug which I reported and you confirmed and clearly stated is costing me money. You have still not fixed the invoice issue and it is an incredibly easy fix.

    How do I escalate this concern to someone who cares or am I just a sucker who gave you my money?