So i waited 5 weeks to get patch to fix this iOS app, so


So i waited 5 weeks for a patch to fix this iOS app, so that it wouldn’t be rejected by APPLE.

Downloaded version 1.02 today, spent several hours editing images and getting it ready….

Archived it, build fail……. EVERYTIME.

I then downloaded the Fresh 1.02 version and went straight to Archive this (Following the instructions EXACTLY word for word) – This FAILS too!

This is the error…

/testios/ios/Pods/SVProgressHUD/SVProgressHUD/SVProgressHUD.m:33:1: Duplicate declaration of method ‘showProgress:status:maskType:’

I am BEYOND sick of this.

I was promised that the iOS dev would complete mine and make sure there was no errors and then email me back the package.

Well, i sent the package to contact @ wpmudev org, but i haven’t received anything back…

This is beyond frustrating and is just totally un-exceptable.