Put same slider on every sites homepage?

So I wanted to have the exact same slider show on the homepage of every sub site.
I installed a simple free slider, masterslider, created a slider and in my "New Blog Template" settings I just guessed at a couple of the database tables I thought contained the slider info.

It worked and all new sites have the slider on the homepage even though the slider is not setup in each site, it seems to be just getting the images from my default site. All my sites just have the slider shortcode and worked.

This worked for about 120 sites but now I screwed something up, don't know what and my new sites do not have a slider now.

Any ideas on how I could get the same exact slider to show on the homepage of every site without installing the slider plugin on every site?

I still have a lot of my sites that have a working slider but now the slider on my default site doesn't work so its also not working on new sites being created.

I just got that slider to work and replicate to the other sites by accident, what would have been the right way to do it?

New sites don't work: