So, installed Domain Mapping here:

So, installed Domain Mapping here:

The A record points to the right place:
Your A record is: -> -> [ ]

We Domain Mapped the multisite: with the

Goal being... someone types in and it should bring up the new WP Site at

It didn't map it... so went into the Network Admin Domain Mapping in the Settings... and changed the two options, (which I can't see anymore) where there are 3 possible selections in the dropdown... from the default first selection to the center selection which I can't see either... but when selecting the center of the three options... on both these settings, it didn't fix anything either.

So at this time, things are pretty screwed up...
There seems to be some kind of phantom redirect...

Steps I have tried include...

Go into Plugins and rename the Domain Mapping folder... This DOES bring back my WordPress site... from the dreaded Server Not Found error.

So the next thing was, OK, go download a fresh copy of Domain Mapping, into the working WordPress... bingo bango... upload complete...

And then, the option available is Network Activate... So I do that...

BOOM, Server can't be found again...

Additional Oddness... btw, this is:
Version | By Barry (Incsub)

Now there are TWO installs of the same version in the Network Plugins (both not Activated) and a message that says there is a newer version but when I go there by clicking the "View Version Details" link I get:
Sorry, this Plugin/Theme is no longer available.

So there must be some kind of residual entries in MySQL somewhere... that need erasing...

If I rename the Plugin Folder, I get my WordPress back, if I Network Activate the fresh Domain Mapping Plugin it kills my WordPress instantly!
At this moment in time:

If I browse to:
The Old Original Site displays... correctly

If I browse to:
The New Updated WP Multisite displays... correctly

But if I Network Activate Domain Mapping...
Blam, down for the count...
Server Not Found.

So, how do I clean out the residual stuff that has me in this "Lost the Server" loop?

Thanks in Advance!!