Unpaid subscriptions get activated

Hi, so the new Membership 2 plugin is awesome, especially with v1.0.0.1 but I keep jumping into bugs and it's a bit frustrating.

- If I register an account and have a pending payment, cancelling that results in it being marked as cancelled. Now, suddenly I've got an expiration date of today and can access all blocked pages (for how long I don't know).
- If I then want to buy another subscription, I can only "renew" the one that I cancelled.

This is a pretty bad bug and I need this solved quickly because it is not very hard to figure this one out, especially if you cancelled your payment because you'd rather change to another membership, you can only "renew" something you never really had.

I've also come across:
- If I cancel a subscription, it doesn't run til it expires, it is just removed. This doesn't happen everytime so it is a bit difficult to recreate. Suddenly it worked, before it didn't.
- Since I've been testing stuff, I've got a lot of invoices. Deleting them doesn't work. Furthermore, if I delete an account from Wordpress, the invoice is still there but unviewable.
- Also I've got a few invoices that are new, but since they don't have a gateway, I'm unable to mark them as paid. It would be nice if I could decide to mark them as paid if I wanted to.

It would be awesome if you could take a look at this as quick as possible.

To wrap it up, I've got a question. The previous membership plugin used wp_mail() to send e-mails. I could then use something like WP Better E-Mail to style e-mails and use a plugin to send them through SMTP. Now, with Membership 2 I can only send plain white e-mails. Why is this? How can I add a template. The previous approach was a lot neater.