Social Icon images and large slider images on homepage

Hey folks,

***You have to login to see the website homepage as a update/maintenance page is now up (subsite link is below).

I enabled support via wpmudev dashboard. The subsite is here:

See the attached pdf.

Item #1:
The big images as you scroll down should not be there but they should be rotating on slides with the area where the first image is above the footer area.

Item #2:
Seems simple enough but the social icon images are broken even though they were there before as well.

***These two things were fine about a week ago.

Can you take and look and let me know what you think?


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Greg,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    When I look at the text editor for that page it looks like you just have images on there? Unless that is how your slider is suppose to work. I do see some javascript errors in the console when viewing the page - looks like some are coming from your theme. Doing a plugin and theme conflict check would be the first thing you will want to do here and that's likely where the problem is coming from. Especially any plugins you've added within the last couple weeks.

    Item #2:
    Seems simple enough but the social icon images are broken even though they were there before as well.

    I tried checking this one but even while logged in the home page is still giving me the maintenance page, not sure if you're currently making changes right now.

    Again though, doing a conflict check would be a good start. Caching can often cause issues like this too, so a plugin like Wordfence may be involved.

    Let us know if you have further questions!


  • Greg

    @Tyler Postle

    ***I just redid the social media icons without trying to figure out the icons etc. So, that is done.

    However, on the slider image issue (which is most important anyway), the site was converted from a normal php/html site to a Wordpress platform site recently with custom post types etc. All pages work great except for the homepages. But, the homepage was working fine. I have already done the plugin conflict deal.

    I believe the slider works via CSS or some plugin. Can you tell? There should only be one image showing at a time at the top (not down the page and nothing should be below the brown footer at all FYI just so you know).

    I did find out the following though which may related to the slider issue.

    This file was removed it appears somehow (plugins/custom-post-type-ui/system.php). I have already reinstalled a fresh copy of the plugin in case it has something to do with the slider on the homepage (here it is ). But, I do not see a "system.php" file in the plugin directory (fresh for the WP repository). Do you think it has any relation to the slider issue (i.e. showing all images on the page at once and not rotating them)? All those images you see on the homepage should rotate (I am not sure if it is by a plugin or css or java etc). With this additional info does that help?

    The slider is working differently than usual.

    What do you think with that?



  • Greg

    @Tyler Postle

    . . . . continued from last post . . . oh, yea, well I have the maintenance page activated but if you are logged in in wpmudev support my thoughts were that you will be able to see the site as you would be logged in as admin effectively. Did you visit the site after you were logged in first (I thought this worked via the wpmudev dashboard just like if you logged in normally as a admin user)? I am logged in and able to see the site as normal (but only the maintenance page if I am logged out).

    Please advise . . .


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