Social Icons

Once upon a time, I asked the community about the best social media icons:

A lot has changed since then, and I’m more concerned about server requirements and privacy than I was. I found this great post where someone did a lot of work examining the impact of the services:

Frankly, I’d like something easy and light (Google+, FB, Twitter) and I’d hoped that WPMUdev would have something to fit the bill.

Ultimate FB seems rather heavy and is far too complex for my users — even just the permissions.

Comments Plus seems to be tangled in permissions issues too.

Floating Social detracts from theme designs and is little too aggressive for my tastes.

And then there is Google +1, which seems pretty good, but why is Google +1 singled out? Are there plans to add similar plugins for other sharing sites? Is there a reason not to offer just a simple social icon bar with a few of the most popular social sharing sites?

I noticed that some of the larger blogs (e.g. seem to add icons piecemeal rather than using a service or bundled solution. Is that the way to go for someone with my wish list?