Social links widget: Possible new development idea

We're considering developing 'a social links' widget. This would not only have links to a BuddyPress profile (groups / friends // messages) but also maybe other social links. It basically connects if you are logged in to your links and if you are logged out is like a 'badge' for your social network.

You could place this on a sub blog in a network or have it in the sidebar / some other place than the main BuddyPress navigation. The widget has 2 options:

1. Show logged in user details
2. Show details of the user name - you'd add your username and it would link up for that network

Also of consideration would be to have additional fields: twitter, facebook, flickr, youtube - where you add a link in and it would link to those. Maybe a custom field?

Possibly it would have custom styling like colour / background and so on - think the styling you have with twitter badges.

What do you think?

What would you want from such a widget and would you be interested in it?