Social Login Features not functioning on Event RSVP


Let me first say, I've been thrilled with the last .2.3 releases of Events + (using 1.5.3 now, was using 1.3 before). Many of the headaches I was dealing with have been resolved or addressed. In fact, I haven't had to mode the plugin code once (yet)!

Here's my current issue: When a visitor goes to an event page, the register/login buttons don't work correctly. (like on this page: )

It is possible to login with Facebook--after you click the button, signin and authorize--as expected--the event page doesn't update, and you have to reload the page and then RSVP again.

Twitter, Google and even the WP login features don't work at all. Here's a description of the individual problems:

Twitter & Google. Both the Twitter and Google login/authorization boxes pops up, and then almost immediately disappear. The events page doesn't change, and the user is not logged in.

WP ('login with National Movie Night'). The submit button doesn't work. Either logging in or registering, you can't submit the form. But you can cancel and get back to the events page.

I could theoretically replace the RSVP links for non-registered users in my template file and handle login/registration myself, but I'd rather have Events + do it. :slight_smile:

If one of you guys could take a look at that, I'd be grateful!

- Jonathan

  • Jonathan Potter

    Yep, I have apps at both Facebook and Twitter with the correct auth keys in the Events + settings. Both have been up for long enough that the API should have propagated. Capabilities and Limited Capacity Events are the only two Events + plugins I'm using.

    Just hit on something. I'm running a child theme of the WPMUDev Network theme, with really very few customizations. When I switch to Network proper, it fixes the social media login (though the Wordpress login itself still has the same issue.). Did some troubleshooting, and it comes down to this benign little script swapping out the JQuery API:

    if ( !is_admin() ){
    wp_register_script('jquery', (""), false, '1.3.2');

    So, I cut that, and it looks like everything is still running great (I had put that in to fix an issue with a slider--seems to work fine without it now.)

    Now, I'm down to this issue:

    WP ('login with National Movie Night'). The submit button doesn't work. Either logging in or registering, you can't submit the form. But you can cancel and get back to the events page.

    I disabled all plugins and switched to the default Twenty Twelve theme, and no dice.

    Any ideas for me on that one?

    - Jonathan

  • Jonathan Potter

    This is odd:
    You can log in through the form if you follow this process exactly:
    > log in with a previously created account;
    > Click the 'Submit' button and wait (nothing happens)
    > Click the 'Cancel' button.

    It works then, logs you in and RSVPs, just like it should. So basically, you have to click both 'Submit' & 'Cancel' What's up with that?!?

    It's still impossible to create a new account through the RSVP form.

    - Jonathan

  • Jonathan Potter

    FYI, I tacked a 'display: none' css class on the 'Login with National Movie Night' link because I'm starting to take this out of the development stage. You should be able to show the link with chrome or firebug, the class is .wpmudevevents-login_link-wordpress.

    Again, my problem is just that the submit button on the form doesn't work. The other stuff cleared up when I de-duplicated JQuery.

    - Jonathan

  • Vladislav


    Unfortunately, swapping jQuery like this is pretty important. I realize there are some themes that do this and there are quite a few tutorials on the interwebs that recommend doing so - but unfortunately, this is actually *not* a good practice at all, and it will almost certainly cause way more headaches then it's worth. The WordPress plugins that do use jQuery are usually written in a way that makes use of the bundled WordPress jQuery version (or make an attempt to give some leeway by supporting a few releases around the current one), but it's just not possible to cover them all - so, unless you're quite sure you have a very good reason to do otherwise, it's best to use the bundled WordPress jQuery.

    Also, perhaps it's worth noting that the jQuery version you're swapping in in the snippet above is *very* old. If the reason for doing so is that you'd like to make use of some jQuery plugin that requires v1.3.2, I would strongly recommend that you try to find a plugin with similar functionality, but with fresher code base.

  • Vladislav


    I'm sorry for the rant (in case I come off ranty in my previous post), and I'm happy to see that you managed to get it to work. However, when I visited your link just now, I managed to register via the WordPress popup just fine (I made the link visible via Firebug tweak), and the RSVP got successfully added. Did I miss something? Is it possible that it's the caching issue we're facing - can you please clear your cache and try again?

  • aecnu

    Greetings Jonathan,

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