Social Login Features not functioning on Event RSVP


Let me first say, I’ve been thrilled with the last .2.3 releases of Events + (using 1.5.3 now, was using 1.3 before). Many of the headaches I was dealing with have been resolved or addressed. In fact, I haven’t had to mode the plugin code once (yet)!

Here’s my current issue: When a visitor goes to an event page, the register/login buttons don’t work correctly. (like on this page: )

It is possible to login with Facebook–after you click the button, signin and authorize–as expected–the event page doesn’t update, and you have to reload the page and then RSVP again.

Twitter, Google and even the WP login features don’t work at all. Here’s a description of the individual problems:

Twitter & Google. Both the Twitter and Google login/authorization boxes pops up, and then almost immediately disappear. The events page doesn’t change, and the user is not logged in.

WP (‘login with National Movie Night’:wink:. The submit button doesn’t work. Either logging in or registering, you can’t submit the form. But you can cancel and get back to the events page.

I could theoretically replace the RSVP links for non-registered users in my template file and handle login/registration myself, but I’d rather have Events + do it. :slight_smile:

If one of you guys could take a look at that, I’d be grateful!

– Jonathan