Social Login for sign in, social linking, and social sharing


So I was looking forward to implementing a social login onto my WP 'Sign-Up/Sign-In' page.
I was looking for a similar plugin to "Social Login" < > where users can socially sign into my site with social account network, and socially link and share opinions. check the brackets to see the similar features I'm talking about< >.

I've seen have 'Ultimate Facebook Login' and 'Google+ Plugin' but doesn't have the capabilities as lets say 'Social Login' or 'WordPress Social Login' to fully engage my audience

Is there a theme or a plugin with similar features here that I'm missing and how I should go about implementing it?

If Not, I will appreciate it if you could add this to feature suggestions for me and point me toward the best all-in-one social login solution that could boost member engagement to my site? (I'm looking to incorporate Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Disqus)

Thanks for your attention to this message in advance.