Social Marketing - blank ad selection box

I have installed Social Marketing.
I have created an ad.
When I go to a post and click the Insert Social Ad button
a blank box pops up and nothing happens.

I tried this in FF9.0.1 and IE9.0.8

I tried deactivating all other plugins that seemed at all likely to be clashing.
(sepecially FB ones).

Any ideas?

Oh yeah - this is Godaddy hosting - (not my choice of hosting but Im stuck with it)...
Im guessing that might be the problem ?

Oh and co-incidentally I have another plugin that is supposed to open a box like that
where I can select Flickr images to insert in a post
and it has exactly the same blank white box problem, although sometimes
the box then fills with a 'page not found'message.
I have of course deactivated it - but I thought it might be relevant that the popup is targeting wrongly?

Thanks in advance -
Dan V