social marketing plugin adding pinterest as a service

Hi, I am using the social marketing plugin and would love to have a sharing button to pinterest!

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Matty B,

    Hope you're well today! :slight_smile:

    We don't currently have a update on this, unfortunately there weren't that many requests for this functionality, if we do get more requests, it's certainly something we could consider for future development.

    In the mean time it would be possible to add it with custom development, you'll want to take a look at the pinterest API here :slight_smile:

    Alternatively you could try posting a job on the WPMU DEV job board here


    Kind Regards

  • Matt

    Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social network in the world now and your paid subscribers have seen this coming for over a year - yet there is still no update on when or if Pinterest will be an option in your Social Marketing plugin?

    To be honest, I did some research and found that this might actually violate their Acceptable Use Policy -

    Things you can’t do ...

    Directly compensate users for Pinning, following or unfollowing
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    The short version

    We want people to Pin authentically.

    The longer version

    People should be able to find things on Pinterest that actually interest and inspire them. We believe that compensating people for doing specific things on Pinterest—like paying them to Pin—can promote inauthentic behavior.

    We don’t allow schemes that buy and sell Pins or pay people per Pin, follow, etc. We know that some popular Pinners have relationships with approved affiliate networks or participate in paid social media campaigns, and that’s still okay, as long as they’re not being compensated for each action on Pinterest.

    Examples of what we’ll allow (and what we won’t)

    A business can pay someone to help them put together a board that represents their brand. For example, it’s okay for a guest blogger to curate a board for a local boutique’s profile. We don’t allow that boutique to pay the blogger to Pin products to her own boards.

    A person can be given commission by an approved affiliate network. For example, it’s okay for a blogger to get paid when someone purchases a product that blogger has Pinned. However, we don’t allow the blogger to be paid just to Pin.

    We wouldn’t allow to pay people—even a very small amount—for each board they follow or for each image they Pin.

    That said - there is a FINE LINE between influencing a person's decision to "LIKE" or "PIN" an item to receive a discount on something they are interested in anyway (product, recipe, story, etc) - and I'm almost certain that Pinterest would agree with this, but they're too busy dealing with over a billion pins a day that they just haven't had a chance to clarify that in their A.U.P.

    So, in closing - as long as the Pinterest option is used towards items that people are already interested in, and not resulting in offers or content that isn't what they intended to pin, then this should not violate their Acceptable Use Policy in regards to influencing a user's interest patterns.

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