Social Marketing Plugin Question

Here I see ''sell in-post ads or use as an upgrade with Pro Sites.''

May you pls give an explanation on how does it work?


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Monsur,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I just reviewed the Social Marketing description page and I think there's a "typo" that should be corrected (I'll pass it to our docs writers) as it should actually say "sales in post ads". The plugin works best as a way to display various "sales" adds "inside" the posts. Take a look at the images on this page please and you'll get the idea instantly:

    Of course nothing stands in your way to selling ads/ad space managed with this plugin but you'd need to handle the selling process yourself as the plugin doesn't include any tool for this. That said, I'll forward this information to our docs writers so they could correct that description in future in order to avoid further confusion. Thanks for putting this in front of me.

    As for Pro Sites. The Pro Sites plugin, which is our tool that helps you handle site registration on your Multisite Network (.e.g charge users for setting their own sites), include the "Plugin Manager". That's the module that lets you select which plugin can be used for which "Pro Sites" level (subscription). For example: Level A can only use Akismet and Level B can use Akismet and Social Marketing to create their own social ads.

    Also, you may use Social Marketing created ads on your main site (and other sub-sites that you manage) to create ads that will encourage visitors to signup for a site.

    I hope that helps and if you have any further questions, let me know please.

    Best regards,

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